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Pinocchio Design, your expert in luxurious and timeless interior design. Our studio is renowned for creating custom-made furniture of all kinds that perfectly complement your home. Our passion lies in crafting beautifully designed, layered, and elegant interior spaces.

At Pinocchio Design, we strive to bring your visions to life with the utmost professionalism. Our range of services covers all creative disciplines, from interior architecture and design to project management and craftsmanship. With our extensive experience and broad expertise, we precisely translate your individual desires from conception to complete realization.

Functional. Aesthetic. Inspirational.

At Pinocchio Design, furniture and kitchens are at the heart of our work. Our expertise lies in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions that reflect your individual needs. Through close collaboration with you, we develop unique concepts where every detail is perfectly coordinated. Let us together transform your spaces into places that are not only beautiful but also practical and inspiring.


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